Beneto's High Protein Food

We sell High Protein Foods made from orgranic cricket flour. Beneto empowers you to fulfill your body shaping goals through our High Protein Pasta. Beneto‘s 4 different tastes do not only make it easy to take care of your shape, they also turn healthy living into a culinary experience that‘s simply yummy.   alo 

Our Protein Pasta

Our flagship product is Beneto‘s High Protein Pasta that contains 40% of protein thanks to organic, smoothly ground crickets. This is not an ordinary Low-Carb pasta, but rather a true protein booster! Our 4 different tastes will help you to kickstart the food revolution on your plate.






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Beneto‘s High Protein Pasta offers everything an athlete needs. They are extremely rich in protein that stems from a source that gives variety. #cricketprotein


Fitness Coach & Health Coach

The Beneto protein noodles taste excellent and have a normal consistency. You can combine them great to vegetables. A must-try for everyone!


International Sales Representative

Over 200 Foodies are enthusiastic.

Beneto's participation in the first international Food Summit on 21 February 2019 was an important milestone for the company.
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panel discussion

 Platform 9 in Albstadt
April 29th 2019

Founding Fair Neckaralb

City Hall Reutlingen
May 10th, 2019

Female Founder Cup

Panel discussion Stuttgart
May 17th, 2019

FitTech Summit

Burda Bootcamp Munich
04 June 2019

Proteins with a clear conscience

Traces of antibiotics, hormones, glyphosate, saturated fatty acids and much more is increasingly found in conventional animal protein. They are added for free on top. This is not only bad for you, but also devastating for our environment.
We offer a tasty, healthy and above all sustainable source of protein, that is easily integrable in your daily diet and makes you feel good. Beneto‘s High Protein Pasta is a wholefood meal thanks to cricket protein and locally grown spelt. You can prepare it in less than no time as warm, savoury dish with veggies, as cold protein salad to go or even as sweet dessert.

high protein

Get in Shape! 40% Protein for your muscle gain

Good for you

Natural protein, Vitamin B12, fiber and minerals supply your body with everything it needs.

Good for us

Natural protein, Vitamin B12, fiber and minerals supply your body with everything it needs.

Good for tomorrow

Through the sustainable cultivation of crickets and the resulting enormous saving of limited resources, we can save our planet.

Our vision: Feeding the world in 2050!

Beneto wants to break new ground in a sustainable future in which our grandchildren can still live. The revolution begins on the plate according to the motto "Eat always! Insects play a central role in satisfying world hunger, conserving essential resources and thus protecting our planet.

Thus Beneto Foods sees itself in the responsibility to sustainably supply the world with an alternative, ecological source of protein and to revolutionize people's eating and consumption behaviour!

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About me

I, Lara Schuhwerk, stand behind Beneto as idea generator, founder, product developer and visionary.

After I finished my studies in business administration & economics I was determined to fill my career with passion, meaning and values. The slogan „Make an impact!“ reminds me every day what is worth fighting for. This is the reason why I am the beating heart, working hands and head of my food start-up that intends to make the world a better place. 

In case you want to know more, then stop by and say hello. You‘ll find me in my office in the Technologiewerkstatt Albstadt.

Do something good for yourself and your body and become a Benetarian!

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