About us

BenetoFoods is a new innovative food brand that produces high protein and high quality food based on cricket protein.

Our Protein Pasta

We bring good taste and health together. We offer three different flavours, which promote healthy nutrition and at the same time a great culinary experience.

What we offer

Healthy food and still tasty and culinary! We make it possible through sustainable production.

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With BenetoFoods you not only eat healthy, but also nutritious food.

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Through our sustainable protein production we fulfil the meaning of the environment and contribute something to the protection.

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Our protein consists of cricket protein, which is produced sustainably and richly.

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No other food brand manages to package 40% protein content in naturally produced food.

Our pasta

We offer three different flavours that make for great, healthy and exceptional food moments.

With us you always start the day fit!

Our Gallery

Only the best for you!

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